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Dividing Complex Marital Assets 04/12/2021

Dividing Complex Marital Assets

When high-net-worth couples divorce, achieving an equitable property distribution can be challenging.

Dividing Complex Marital Assets Experienced legal representation is vital.

Which Spouse Keeps The Car After Divorce? 03/29/2021

Which Spouse Keeps The Car After Divorce?

Could I lose my car even if my name is on the title?

Which Spouse Keeps The Car After Divorce? Splitting assets can be a struggle during divorce.

What Will Happen To My Business? 03/11/2021

What Will Happen To My Business?

Divorcing business owners have much to consider throughout the process.

What Will Happen To My Business? Simply put, things are more complicated.

Will Divorce Affect My Retirement Account? 02/26/2021

Will Divorce Affect My Retirement Account?

Arizona’s property division rules for divorce may mean splitting a retirement account.

Will Divorce Affect My Retirement Account? Understanding property division in divorce.

The Basics Of Divorce Mediation 01/29/2021

The Basics Of Divorce Mediation

A collaborative divorce can help couples cut costs and keep control.

The Basics Of Divorce Mediation The key to a collaborative divorce is compromise.

How Does Divorce Affect Business Ownership? 01/20/2021

How Does Divorce Affect Business Ownership?

In most cases, businesses are considered marital property, whether they are partnerships or sole proprietorships.

How Does Divorce Affect Business Ownership? Outcomes often hinge on negotiation.

I’m Worried My Ex Will Take My Kid Away 01/15/2021

I’m Worried My Ex Will Take My Kid Away

Exes can avoid these common co-parenting myths by working with a lawyer who understands Arizona family law.

I’m Worried My Ex Will Take My Kid Away See clearly with knowledgeable legal help.

scralaw.com 03/31/2020

8 Signs That A Contested Divorce Is Inevitable

As a marriage falls apart, disagreements and discoveries about the other person can turn a divorce into a battle.

scralaw.com A contentious divorce can be emotionally exhausting.

scralaw.com 02/20/2020

What Is A Fair Debt Division?

A key part of the divorce process is the division of marital assets and debts.

scralaw.com Joint debts are tricky.

scralaw.com 02/04/2020

3 Ways To Divide A Family Business

What should divorcing spouses do with a family business?

scralaw.com The best option may depend on the situation.

scralaw.com 02/03/2020

Which Home Best Suits The Children's Needs?

When determining child custody, the interests of the court, stretch into the home.

scralaw.com Do living adjustments need to be made?

scralaw.com 01/22/2020

Parallel Parenting Leads To Equal Custody Time

Parents who struggle to work together may want to consider this custody plan.

scralaw.com How is this different than co-parenting?

scralaw.com 01/06/2020

7 Ways Grandparents Can Apply For Custody

Can grandparents receive full custody after a divorce?

scralaw.com The best interests of the child will be the court's top priority.

scralaw.com 12/18/2019

4 Tips To Help Parents Break The News

How should parents tell their kids about divorce?

scralaw.com The way parents talk about divorce may help kids cope.

scralaw.com 12/11/2019

3 Ways To Improve Difficult Co-parenting Situations

Co-parenting after divorce can be challenging under the best of circumstances, but sometimes an ex-spouse can make it seem impossible.

scralaw.com How can co-parents reduce conflict?

scralaw.com 12/08/2019

Uncontested Divorce: How It Works, Pros & Cons

Who is eligible for an uncontested divorce in Arizona?

scralaw.com There are various paths to get a divorce.

scralaw.com 12/05/2019

What If My Ex Wants To Move With The Kids?

4 instances when courts will allow a divorced parent to relocate with the children

scralaw.com Determining custody is always a challenge.

scralaw.com 11/08/2019

What Is Custodial Interference?

Custodial interference can happen intentionally and unintentionally.

scralaw.com Is it ever okay?

scralaw.com 10/21/2019

Art Collections Coveted Assets In Divorce

The value of artwork is determined by these 6 factors.

scralaw.com Retaining art during a divorce can be difficult.

scralaw.com 10/16/2019

3 Important Facts About Sole Child Custody

What should a parent know if he or she is thinking about seeking sole custody?

scralaw.com Sometimes sole custody is best for a child.

scralaw.com 10/04/2019

Who Qualifies For Spousal Support?

Many single parents experience financial trouble, but when is one eligible for spousal support?

scralaw.com Do stay-at-home mothers?

scralaw.com 09/21/2019

Prenup: Pros & Cons

Talking about a prenuptial agreement can be stressful - but does the good outweigh the bad?

scralaw.com Who does it really benefit?

scralaw.com 09/09/2019

Parents Should Set Holiday Custody Schedules Early

The holiday season can get a bit hectic, especially after divorce.

scralaw.com Planning ahead can help avoid conflicts.

scralaw.com 09/03/2019

Think Carefully Before Remarrying

Remarriage to a former spouse can be rewarding, but couples shouldn’t completely ignore the past.

scralaw.com Consider all angles beforehand.

scralaw.com 08/20/2019

How To Divide Assets

Some couples face complex splitting of funds.

scralaw.com Getting details in order is first step.

scralaw.com 08/15/2019

Custody Issue Particularly Hard On Police Officers

These 7 tips can help law enforcement officials parent more successfully after divorce.

scralaw.com Cops have a tough job. So do parents.

scralaw.com 08/12/2019

Hidden Assets Complicate Divorce

Not everyone acts transparently when finances are involved.

scralaw.com Sometimes trust isn't enough.

scralaw.com 07/26/2019

How To Limit Time With Your Ex

Divorce is rarely a clean break, but parents have options on limiting time with their ex-spouse.

scralaw.com Parallel parenting can help.

scralaw.com 06/27/2019

Dealing With Emotional Trauma During Divorce

Divorce can leave many feeling many things, but feeling alone can make it seem like there is no one to confide in.

scralaw.com How can one cope?

scralaw.com 06/25/2019

Parental Alienation: What Are The Signs?

6 signs that one parent may be attempting to turn the children against the other.

scralaw.com It's not healthy for the kids.

scralaw.com 06/24/2019

Divorce: Finances May Take A Hit

Going from two incomes to one can put people in the red - how can the impact be minimized?

scralaw.com What steps should women take?

scralaw.com 05/13/2019

A Family Care Plan Is Essential

Divorce is hard for everyone, but military families need to consider additional issues.

scralaw.com The potential of deployment requires extra planning.

scralaw.com 04/26/2019

Parenting Plan Review: Summer Vacation

Can parents reviewing the custody schedule before break prevent conflicts from emerging?

scralaw.com Summer break is right around the corner.

scralaw.com 04/09/2019

When Should A Parent Fight For Sole Custody?

Co-parenting is generally the best for kids, but there may be reasons to seek sole custody.

scralaw.com Parents want their kids to be safe.

scralaw.com 03/28/2019

Avoid Making Property Division Mistakes

Mistakes are common during the asset division portion of divorce; a skilled lawyer's advice can help prevent these.

scralaw.com Don't fall prey to common property division errors.




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