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Welcome to my Paralegal services blog. This page will provide detailed information about specific legal needs. Professional, reliable, detailed, and expert legal documents preparation services.

I am your personal Paralegal. Happily married, mother of three, grandmother of two gorgeous baby dolls! I am a Paralegal, Fitness fanatic, and lover of life! I love to smile and laugh. Join me on my journey!

Operating as usual


Saturday’s werk! Good morning my fit fam! I love to see all my people working hard to reach health goals! You are all so inspiring to me!

Did you take on my challenge? Who wants me to do live Zoom bootcamps with mini challenges for you? We can do Saturday am’s and early weekdays! You can also join my free year round bootcamp where we talk nutrition, share meal plans, recipes, and post about our fitness journey. It’s all love and support there! I would love you to let me teach you how to fall in love with fitness ❤️! #virtualcoaching #losingweight #fallinlovewithfitness #challenge #bootcampchallenge


Round 4 MBF Day 5

[09/20/20]   Thank you for following my fitness journey!
I just finished another program! 6 weeks of consistency, dedication, desire, grit! Every day I wake up, wash my face, get dressed, tighten my pony, lace my shoes, and press play on a program! I follow my fitness program from start to finish and I get results with every program!! streaming my program to my living room TV is normally how I work out but today is football Sunday so my boys settled in early for a day of football. I was still able to stretch from my laptop though! Sunday’s are a day of stretch in this 6 week program and my body, heart, and mind are so thankful!

I know many of you fear of failure in starting a new program. I’m reeling you...with our tremendous and amazing community and your determination for change, you will always fail forward. Every day is a beautiful day to start over! As long as you come back you never fail!!

I want to help as many as people as possible finish 2020 strong! Tomorrow we start fresh from Day 1! Join us! Application in comments.

#mbf #mbfa


Amy Villarreal-Orantez - Inspiration, Fitness, Fashion and beauty

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Living life by design inspired by fitness, fashion, and the beauty of life


Can you see my smile? No, but guess what I still am! I sparkle all day!!

As I’m walking through downtown I still smile and wave at people to say hey. Of course when I smile under my mask, I’m like “hey, they cant see you” but I still do it!
THIS IS THE NEW “normal” so because i have to wear mask in every building I go to, I got fancy. I love glittery sparkly new things! Happy Thursday! XOXO
#sparkleeveryday #katiemay #maskup


Mindset: How amazing is that we can change our mindset! No one can tell you how to feel or what your emotions should be in any given day. So wake up, shake it off, clear your mind, deep breath in! Make sure you tell your brain to chill and your hart to keep going!

My work outs help my mental health. Self care in this day and age is so important! I know an amazing workout in the morning helps me feel better ALLLL day!! What do you do for you? #fitforlife #lifestylechange #workoutfromhome


Mindset: How amazing is that we can change our mindset! No one can tell you how to feel or what your emotions should be in any given day. So wake up, shake it off, clear your mind, deep breath in! Make sure you tell your brain to chill and your hart to keep going!

My work outs help my mental health. Self care in this day and age is so important! I know an amazing workout in the morning helps me feel better ALLLL day!! What do you do for you? #fitforlife #lifestylechange #workoutfromhome


Sometimes...I don’t want to roll out of bed, I don’t want to workout, I don’t want to clean house, I don’t want to work, I don’t want to mom or wife...BUT then I remember am a woman and I do it anyway! Ladies, do you hear me? GET UP AND GET TO IT!!


Do I have any family or friends who want to get healthier and enter to win $100k?

What is the Beachbody Challenge?

The Beachbody Challenge is a contest that rewards people for getting fit & healthy with Beachbody's system of fitness, nutrition, and support. Enter your results into the contest at, and we’ll send you a free shirt (while supplies last) to celebrate your amazing success, and your story will compete for a chance to win cash prizes – from $500 to $100,000 USD!

Entry dates began on January 2, 2020 at 12:00 PM Pacific Time ("PT") and end on July 17, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT.

Use this link to apply:



May your vibes say “I got this”. Nothing wrong with putting into the universe right? One sweet day!!!
#vibes #mercedesbenz


When things stop getting LEAN all the way in and push through your limits!! YOU.ARE.WORTH.IT!!


Struggling with nutrition? You may have seen me post this before but did you know that if you eat healthy 80% of the time, the other 20% doesn’t really matter? Yes, I said it! I am proof and call my eating “healthyish”!
And honestly, it’ great advice.
If I could get you all to invest in your health I would. Eating healthier nutritious foods and fueling your body with the right food at least 80% of the time should be the 1st goal of everyone who is trying to be healthier. If we would all add vegetables to our plates everyday we would be all good!

Now, I know it may be hard trying to figure out what that 80% time looks like but consistency and eating “healthyish” most days of the week is when change will happen. You will start building healthier eating habits.
Once you see a difference in your physical health, mental health, energy you will NOT want to stop.
Of course, I’m not perfect. I enjoy wine way to much and can devour a bowl of cereal here and there. But, mostly I stay on track.

So my lovelies, if you are having a hard time with staying the course, I have so many meal plans for you, or maybe you need daily accountability? When you have built up bad eating habits you should think about integrating the 80/20 nutrition rule!


Nini ( grandmother)
Fitness lover
Wellness coach

Just a little about me!


I love transformation stories! Each July Beachbody holds a company wide conference called Coach Summit. At Coach Summit one male and one female wins $100,000 just for getting healthier.

The Beachbody Challenge is a contest that rewards people for getting fit & healthy with Beachbody's system of fitness, nutrition, and support.

This opportunity is open to anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. As a coach I strive to help you live a healthier happier life. Your health is so important! I have the opportunity and tools to help you make significant changes too!

I would love one of my challengers to compete in this challenge. Who has some major Lifestyle changing goals? We have 11 months to get you there!

If you want to apply for my 8/10 BURN IT OFF test group and get started in the competition comment “100k” below.


Get the eff up!!!

If it was easy everyone would do it. Making a decision to change your lifestyle can only start with you!

The only thing standing in your way is a start date. Don’t hesitate. I’m opening up my 8/10 @muscleburnsfat group for 7 more ambitious, driven, goal getters who want to work with me and build a fitness empire! Imagine earning money helping other mama’s commit to living healthier!

Step 1 we each commit to daily accountability, a work out, following a meal plan, and drinking a nutrition shake that is key for me and my health.

Step 2 we set goals, work together to bring them to life, and earn an income just by helping other mama’s and dads commit too!

New coach training starts next week. VIP early access test group starts 8/10. I’m testing it out for you all and hitting play for day 5 week 2 today! It’s crazy intense. Coaches are calling a CrossFit workout for only 30 minutes a day.

As an even bigger incentive, if you commit with me today you get a $15 gift card!


Have you ever wanted something so bad that you cannot contain your excitement! I have been up since 4 am and am so proud of myself for dialing in on my goals that I had to post about it!

I’m hosting a VIP early access fitness test group starting 8/10. I’m testing the program out for you and it’s a killa’!

I’m also building a team to train and as we work on our health goals we will help others commit and... earn a second income at the same time!

First we dial in and commit to a fitness plan, meal plan, and to drinking a shake daily. Then we set goals, learn, and earn money by helping other mama’s commit!

This business literally changes lives!

I would love you to join the 8/10 Burn it off VIP early access test group. I’m on round two of testing this 3 week program. It’s 🔥!

If you commit today you will receive a $15 gift card! TODAY ONLY!!! Comment “I’m in” for more info!


If I could I would scream to everyone how amazing it feels to see such progress in my body!

I wish I could sprinkle this feeling like glitter onto all of you! But since I can’t, I’ll just keep helping my next beauties reach fitness goals and watch them reach all those goals people say they can’t!!!

@muscleburnsfat just launched and you are invited to be a part of the VIP early access test group. I tested it out for you all and it is killa’!

The only thing in the way of you and this feeling is a start date!

My official accountability group starts 8/10. 1st we commit to the fitness plan, meal plan, and to drinking a shake daily. Then we write down fitness and business goals and work together to make those goals reality, and earn some money too!!!

2020 Vision is bright! Who is finally ready!!!!


Goal for end of year in 2020! I have been coaching since October of 2015, I have not been all in. It’s time!!! I am looking for 10 badass babes to jump in with me and learn how to lead a team through fitness!!! We will be working side by side pushing each other every single day to set goals and push towards them. First, we work on us and fitness! Learn about nutrition and what works best for us! Join me ASAP! We have lives to change!!!


Just decided to start a new fit group! August 10 is start date! That gives you time to go all in with me! 3 week fitness program, meal plans delivered right to you, community of supportive people working on their health goals too!!! Drop a 💪 below!

Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle.

I know when I eat bad, I feel bad. I have been indulging in pizza, wine, and junk food since Sunday. I will get back on track with my nutrition.

I tend to eat healthyish but plan to really work on it for the second round of my fitness regime! Time to print out those meal plans and really start dialing in! b***y is finally getting fuller!!!

I’m taking my coaching biz up a notch. If you want to learn to coach with me and help empower other women, drop a 💯!


So blessed to be able to work from home today!! Hope you are all having a productive Thursday! Remember, we are still open. Feel free to click on www.para-legal-tucson and check if our services can assist you in any of your legal needs!


Many companies have closed due to the pandemic. We remain open and ready to assist you with your needs!


Amy Villarreal-Orantez - Paralegallyfit's cover photo


Amy Villarreal-Orantez - Paralegallyfit's cover photo


Knowledge is power. Through the pandemic many people have realized how much work it takes to remain committed to the vows they took.

In the words of the great Justin Bieber “ the grass ain’t always greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it.”

Communication is key to working through issues. Divorce should be the last option. I always make sure my clients are prepared for the grief that comes with the reality of divorce.

If you are headed towards divorce you must know your rights and how the divorce process works through the court system. Contact me to schedule a consultation.


I do not spend money at Starbuck’s! Homemade matcha lattes are my go to morning drink.

Quick tip: Add matcha to boiling water. Top off unsweetened almond milk and very little creamer. Blend together in blender for that frothy topping. So good!

I use Collagen for her matcha for that extra collagen we tend to lose as we age gracefully! Anytime you choose a match make sure there are no other ingriediants but organic matcha.

Happy sipping! #collagenforher


Have you ever let failure stop you from succeeding? We always want quick and easy fixes. It’s human nature.

Leaning into that failure to make you push harder is where it’s at!!

I had practiced handstands and was getting stronger in my holds. For some reason, I stopped. I decided to see if I still had it. Nope! I fell several times before this happened. Headstands and splits are next. #46yearsyoung


That one move that kills me every time!!!!! Curtsy lunge with a side crunch....grrrr really trying my balance with this one! Another workout down though!


Timeline Photos



Hey all you cool cats and kittens.... (Hope Carol doesn’t sue me)...

I need 10 guys and dolls to help me launch a new platform for my health and wellness accountability and support groups. It would be a free two week group where we post daily about our accomplishments, fails, and come backs! We will work out for 30-40 minutes a day, share recipes, talk nutrition and hold each other up!

I am looking for daily participation where we check in with each other.

Comment below if you are up for helping.



Hey everyone! Hope you are all staying healthy! Today was amazing. I feel so accomplished! I really love this program. I will continue to integrate it throughout the year with other programs. The b***y gains were tremendous!

I hope you all will join me for the next round!!!!



Anyone else?



Taking care of your health has never been more urgent!

Inches from my waist that is what eating healthyish and working out has done for me. I say it all the time. Eat according to your goals. You are what you eat rings true!

The times are a changing in front of our eyes. Boosting your immune system has never been more important. The produce section has remained full throughout the crazy mess of shoppers. Go buy all the veggies and fruits. Sustainable meal plans are available through Beachbody on Demand. They even have clean eating cooking shows.
Comment your email if you are not yet a member.

I have never been more grateful for having the tools I need to workout from home.

Let’s drink our water and eat our veggies for optimal health benefits! Stay safe and healthy friends and fam!


I am 1/2 done with Beachbody’s latest fitness program. Time passes so quickly. My nutrition has not been perfect but I’m adding protein and veggies to every meal and feeling stronger in the moves. Low impact but high intensity! If you have put off trying these programs now is the time to jump in! #barreblend
#thisis46 #paralegal


Who else fills up on veggies for lunch? Mixing all these beautiful colors together is so nutritious! Yumm!


Fail to prep, prepare to fail. Even in the weekends we have to plan our food. Happy Saturday!

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